Life is a journey

Essay:Life is a journey.::

The definition of life found in the dictionary is: the period between birth and death. As for Journey, it means an act of traveling from one place to another: Aren™t they similar in some aspects? I often hear people say life is a journey. I totally agree. From ones first cry to the last breathe, people come to the world and have various journeys. Some of them might be exciting and surprising, and others could be rather simple and natural¦ No matter where they go, they are unique in their own ways. 

A journey could be fascinating, so is life. I always have special enthusiasm towards mountains. Last year, I went to Japan with my friends and here we climbed the famous Fuji mountain. We started our trip before sunrise. When arriving at the peak laboriously, we were stunned to find such charming scenery. The sunshine made the mountain and surroundings so harmonious and fantastic. This is just like our life which has so many wonderful things attracting us and makes everyday colorful.  We pursue dreams throughout our life and aim to realize them by hard working and interests.  

A journey could be unexpected, so is life. The Fuji mountain is 3776 metres above sea level. As we climbed higher and higher, the varation of plants decresed and there were less beautiful scenery. The climbing route started to get narrower, steeper and rockier. Most of us got tired as we just arrived the third station, and there were five more stations to go. Then different complains began.  It must be very fun to spend the day exploring the Tokyo city! one of my friend said. Everybody was depressed and frustrated. At this moment we saw one old Japanese couple with grey hair and wrinkles on their faces pass by.They held hands closely and supported each other. We were so touched by this scene that soon we started climbing faster. With friends™ strength and courage, we finally maded to the eighth station by 8pm, just 200 metres away from the peak.  We all have our own ideas of what our life journey should be like. However, unexpectations and surprises would happen. Then we might get sick and feel frustrated, but we should never stop. Numerous people complete their own journey bravely. We get to know them and learn from them. We compliment and applaud them too. Gradually We grow and develop ourselves as unique individuals.  

A journey could be rewarding, so is life. When finally getting to the highest point of the Fuji mountain, we were so excited. Standing in the wind and sunlight , we all knew that we were different in some ways compared to yesterday. I has received so many things from this mountain climbing experience. I learn to be persistent, brave and optimistic towards things. I also understand my friends better and feel closer to them. Faced with difficulties, I know that I should be patient, calm and steady. Life is a journey. It is an excursion to the world and a baptism to the heart. Family, friendship, love, competitors and laughters are what we receive in this journey. Thus we must accept every gift whatever this journey gives us. This is because everything happens for a reason. Be brave to confront different aspects of life journey.

All in all, life is a magical journey full of fun. But it is also dangerous and full of troubles. We will meet people you are not familiar with, see and learn things we haven™t seen and known before. This life journey allows us to understand the value of our life and realize the value of ourselves, since each one is wonderful, special and significant. Be grateful of having this experience. Be ready for more challenges. Enjoy and never regret it. ?-Z?

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