Pga-Personal Growth Assesssment


My career objectives are:
5 years: To have earned a bachelor??™s degree from the University of Texas at Austin, working towards my master??™s, and volunteering with the Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services.
10 years: Have my Master of Science in social Work from University of Texas at Austin and working as a Research Administrator at The center for Social Work Research (CSWR) at UT.

My work setting would be:
Immediately upon Graduation: I would like a challenging work setting, preferably as research assistant in which I would participate in the design , execution, and analysis of social work research. I would manage data collections for projects as well. Volunteering and interning with the Texas Dept. of Family and Protective services.
Following my Master??™s degree (5 years later): I would like to be an Administering Researcher in which I would design projects and collect and analyze findings through the managing of my own team at The Center for Social Work Research.
Assessment of Managerial Strengths and Weaknesses:
In the book ???Now Discover Your Strengths??? by Buckingham and Clifton, the definition of strength is a ???consistent near perfect performance in an activity.??? The point in controlling strengths is to take advantage of them. Use them to the best of your ability when and where ever. Some of my own strengths and weaknesses are:
ADAPTABILITY: ???is one who is especially adept at accommodating to changes in direction/plan???. That is strength because I can adapt to any work setting and/or changes in projects. I am very go with the flow in life and that is the same for work.
BELIEF: ???one who strives to find some ultimate meaning behind everything they do???
I consider belief to be more of a weakness because I think I believe in my values too much at work. Being mixed up with such different people of different backgrounds is a good thing, like I said before I am very adaptable but my beliefs are not the same as everyone else??™s which can sometimes cause a problem for me in the workplace. I tend to believe everyone thinks like me but they don??™t.
CONSISTENCY: ???one who believes in treating everyone the same to avoid unfair advantage??? I see this as strength and a weakness. It is strength in the sense that I treat everyone the same in a work setting. Every person/employee is a valuable part of the team, that??™s how I have always believed. Favoritism doesn??™t fly with me because I believe in being fair and giving credit where credit is due. It is a weakness in a sense that there are some that put in the effort or actually care about their jobs but being consistent in treating everyone the same is unfair to those who work with the challenges of everyday instead of giving up. It is also a weakness in the fact that I am always the same that everyone already knows what I am bringing to the table.
EMPATHY: ???one who is especially in tune with the emotions of others.??? This is strength I love the most. I am extremely intuitive into others feelings. Empathy would be my entire life. I can always feel what others are feeling and can usually be pretty spot on about it. I feel that with the possibility of trying to understand others that in a management sense I can figure people out and be able to put them in the settings in which they would thrive the most.
RESPONSIBILITY: ???one who must follow through on commandments.??? This is a definite strength in the work setting. I am completely committed to the job I am given and to the deadline for that job or project. Once I am given a task, I will do all that I can to finish it and may not stop until I do because it is expected of me. That is being responsible.

My Professional Development Plan:

FALL 2011 Start Tulsa Community College Start my education pre-
Social work
SPRING 2012 start an internship with the Dept. To gain much needed
Of human services experience in human
SPRING 2013 Begin the University of Texas Get accepted to the school
At Austin of Social Work;
SPRING 2015 Volunteering as a Case Aide Gain more experience
With the Texas Dept. of Family and understanding for
And Protective Services the needs of children
FALL 2015 Begin my Master??™s Degree Gain the necessary
knowledge to move up
SPRING 2016 Become a student researcher and to get better at counseling,
Visitation supervisor and mentoring for visitation
To get practice in
Administering different
Levels and types of research
SPRING 2018 Graduate with a Masters Graduate Magna Cum Laude
Of Science in Social Work
SUMMER 2018 Start work as main administering researcher to have my own team
To build and manage
FALL 2018 Begin a possible Doctorate Still unsure

Buckingham, Marcus and Clifton, Donald O., Ph.D. Now, Discover Your Strengths.
The Free Press: New York, 2001.

Dear Miss xxxx,
Here we are 5 years later from the time you took Keck??™s class on management principles. It was never your idea to look into management. It was your grandma??™s but she could see something in yourself you couldn??™t see. She could see the strengths you have to make it in management because you??™ve always been head strong and willing to tackle anything. So this is your futuristic letter from your ???former self??? to the strong leader you are today. I know you have been living an exciting and strong life by using your strengths in work and education.
I know you??™ve finished your Bachelors of Science in Social Work and on your way (or already there) to the University of Texas at Austin??™s School for Social Work. I can see you volunteering with the Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services. I can see you doing your internship at the Center for Research. What is it you truly want to accomplish whittanni As of right now all you know is that you want to help children in the system but it??™s been FIVE years so there has got to be more to it??¦you should be doing the research necessary to help WHOLE FAMILIES. Helping with solutions to the obesity epidemic and drug crisis as well as educating parents on the right things to do for their children. I know our are doing awesome and keep up the good work. I am TRULY PROUD OF YOU??¦don??™t get too cocky??¦.and KEEP GOING. There is never too much to learn and never enough.
This may be from the past but it is your present,

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