Physical Design and Implementation

Physical Design and Implementation

Professor: Peter Chow
Introduction to relational database management

??? The security mechanisms available for a database and how the data will be protected

While discussing about the security requirements in the overall technical design, there are various attributes which need to considered and play significant role. The most important being eases to the user front in terms of access of data. The numbers of applications that have been deployed for users such as online querying and access to office resources have proved effective both to the service provider as well as the users. The users can access useful information from anywhere in the world through internet. Network level security is utmost important for the given scenario. Security checks need to be present at various nodes of the network to check whether authentic applications with correct details is flowing in the system or has been corrupted. Proper encryption and decryption techniques should be followed so that no outsider can access the data and probably misuse it. (Noureddine,2005)

??? Explain how to defeat SQL injection attacks since the database will be publicly accessible

Network systems and visiting for sites may carry information from and to many systems. This leads the applications to be infected by unwanted malicious threats. Hence attention should be paid as to keep a track on authentic application code. Threats can transmit from one system to another with data to be transferred. If one system is infected and data is sent from that system to another (for example a file) then malicious threat may replicate and infect the destination system also. Software threats are increasing every moment. Hence the software that checks these threats should be updated regularly so that no threat goes unchecked. Moreover the updated software should be provided to users as soon as possible. (Khamal, 2007)

If any task requires that data be transmitted from one application to another then care should be taken on authenticity of data and possible risk related to transfer. For example if data has to be transmitted between two or more clouds then security of data needs to be maintained along with validity of the data. Information transmits from one system to another and hence making it susceptible for misuse. Sensitive data should be transmitted with great security. The offenders of the terms and conditions that are specified in the application should be prosecuted in appropriate court of law. The solution to making the given scenario more secure should be applied on end users system, along with at the service provider end, network security, abiding rules and policies of the corporation and specifying terms and conditions of use of applications to the users. (Khamal, 2007)

??? Outline the physical design of your database.


??? SQL commands you will use to create your database tables.


PersonID int,

LastName varchar(255),

FirstName varchar(255),

Address varchar(255),

City varchar(255)


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