Social Work pratcice with Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People

Our society has no concrete knowlege of the truths surrounding societal myths and taboos concerning homosexuality. Twenty years ago,the topic has been rarely discussed and often avoided, with no reasearch exsisting. Even today, a selective amount of attention in the study of gay,lesbian, and bisexual population.
The social work concept that relates to this the gay,lesbian, and bisexual population is social justice. Gay, lesbian and bisexual individulas face a issues with discrimination constantly. Social justice applies to them becuase we as social workers need to seek equality of oppurtunity, resourses and meaningful participation in decision making, just as straight individuals get the right to. When working with a gay, lesbian or bisexual client, social workers should be aware of the societal mytha and taboos surrounding homosexuality. The topic has been limited by moral and social doctrines. Social workers need to have knowlege on the history of sterotypes and oppression this population faces. I have witnessed pleanty of discriminatiom and sterotypical limitaions put on gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals. A relative of mine is a homosexual, and i have seen how people glare at him or make dergatory remarks about him. Even his own siblings are gulity of rejecting him, being hostle toward him at family events, or in front of his peers and friends. Also, i have noticed that people have the tendency to be more leanant towards homosexuals that do not dress like females, opposed to ones who do.
There are great strengths with in this group that social workers may want to focus on in treatment. the gay, lesbian and bisexual population has been existing longer than people may want to acknowledge, which means that they have been dealing with being rejected from society for sometime now. This is a strength we as social workers ay want to focus on becuase they are a strong set of people. Reguardless of being accepted, they continue to live life and be who they are, no matter how society chooses to veiw them. Professional lesbian, gay or bisexual individuals have to work three times as hard than their straight colege, just to be seen equally in the work place. If a gay, lesbian or bisexual person chooses to expose thier sexual prefrence in teh workplace, they are being put at risk to social or professional isolation, mild harrasment, or especially close scrunity of their proformance on the job. A person that has to endure these restrictions daily has strength that we as social workers should focus on in treatment.
I believe that their or not any obstacles i could encounter while working with this population becuase if i do all the nesscary reasearch needed to understand the gay, lesbian and gay population, having a client like this will not be a probem.

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