Problems in the Russian government

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Today Pibrex Russia is one of the largest polymers manufacturer around the world. It is used to be one of the Sweden™s giant company “ Pibrex AB™s subsidiaries. Pibrex Russia is really prominent in adhesives and commercial resins in the field. Pibrex Russia target clients are located in transport industry, assembly companies, and packaging, construction and real estate company. They keep their business and operation going on until the Russian Revolution. After the big giant “ Soviet Union fall, they have to switch their distribution channel to Finnish lines instead of their original one, couple with new Russia government™s economic reform, the Pibrex Russia turn himself into an open stock company, and they establish their first sub-branch at Kaliningrad, next second brand opened in Moscow, Khemki, where produce the large portion of plastic moldings with polymers. In order to make their operation more agility and more close to consumer market, they set up their region office “ Pibrex AO in Peterburg, and their head office in Moscow named Pibrex Russia. However the outcome didn™t goes well as they expected. They encounter the company structure issues. Pibrex™s subsidiaries located in different area, and they have to subject to the different account standards and principles, which means the four company have to account separately. Owing the financial conflict, they dismiss the Moscow headquarters and shut down the office, and workers been shifted to the Khemki plant. This merge failed to create any valuable thing, and the outcome were quite damaging. The senior management turn out to be sheer and utter incompetence and the worker lose their faith to their own company. For instance, the manager in Pibrex is ten times greater than common workers. Nobody have courage to stand up and take responsibilities and accountabilities for this situation. The board bring an American president and select Elena Michailova to take change of financial work. 

Short terms 
1. Financial issues
Pibrex™s finance total out of control, inflation seriously hurt Pibrex Russia margin, investment in the new plants causing Pibrex™s operating capital goes down, frankly speaking, they run out of their cash flow. Moreover, Pibrex™s salary wasn™t reflect the company™s situation. Managers make too much money however workers™ salary were significantly thin. 

2. Team work issues
The recent setback result plenty of works lose their jobs. The new CEO come from American he bring American leadership style into this company, but his workers need time to accommodate it. All in all , the majority of this company no longer trust their managers, and hardly talk to their supervisor, leadership group lose every credits in this company

Long terms:
1. Managers™ should demonstrate that they still have plans for the future and arent just looking for someplace to hole up until retirement to earn worker™s trust. They are playing office politics, never participating manager-worker meeting or setting up goals, hardly keep in touch with upper boss, following up and monitoring the progress.

2. In Pibrex Russia, managers has failed taken his accountabilities, and workers didn™t think themselves as a unit with a clear identity, they didn™t feel any sort of ownership of this organization, because managers spent most of their time in handling the office politics, to be honest, senior managers hardly familiar what™s going on every day. If managers doesn™t have a good idea what the organization is try to achieve, then his employee doesn™t too. 

3. Working conditions are poor. The plant™s operating equipment are not efficiency, and worker are worked in an unhealthy environment. The machine out there are build decade years ago, workers don™t have accurate operational data to precisely control their business. Water in the factory are dirty, nobody wants drink it. 


We can use three why to figure out what will account for such miserable situation. 

1. Structure — Pibrex Russia™s problem is basically belong to organization structure issue. Their account principles are out of date, they still using hand to keep accounting records, modern office supply are not sufficient. They have too much people to perform their business. Managers and workers are not trust each other. 
2. Corporation and coordination “ In this firm, we can see, there is no any kind of coordination, when they work , they never set up the objective collectively, managers are hardly to meet , no one exchanging mutual viewpoint freely around the company , nobody sharing their knowledge and ideas actively and openly;
3. Government “ In this case, the local government never do anything to stop the bankrupt. They should help the company to apply or directly make a loan. However, sadly, we didn™t see it. 

Pibrex Russia has hired some specialist to help them target the issues and figure out what cause the current chaos. They hope such action can catch up with latest the technology, and make the company more competitive than past. 

? The company should open to change.
? The company update their production facilities.
? The company should solve their negative cash flow issue. 


Pibrex Russia finally get ready to embrace changing. The company starts from their headquarter. Donaldson been told he is free to leave the company. But due to his past contribution, he can stay in the company until he find new employment. Elena now taking charge of company™s daily routine, he promise to make a big move to this senility organization. The company eventually gets the capital , and they can finally bring some new machine to the workplace, couple with new employee training program in progress, I am very glad to forecast, it will getting better and better ?   ?-Z?

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