The Duke

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The Duke

Many people saw John Wayne, also known as, ???The Duke???, as a very fascinating man, even up to his last breath. Most of the younger generation doesn??™t know who John Wayne is, and has probably never heard of him. The few that do, know he was a stubborn, hardheaded man, full of grit that never gave up. According to ???He is famous for his distinctive voice, walk and height.???(1p) He is not just a man, he is a legend, a legend that will not be forgoten.
On May 27th 1907, John Wayne was born as, Marion Robert Morrison in Winchester Iowa. His middle name was later changed to Michael in 1912 when his brother was born. (Fagen, 5) His Father and Mother was, Clyde and Marry, Morrison. Marry was also known as Molly Morrison. As he grew older, he received the nickname ???duke???, in which was his dog??™s name. John Wayne spent so much time with his dog duke that the two of them became, ???Little Duke??? and ???Big Duke???. ( The name Duke stuck with him the rest of his life.
As John Wayne got older, in fall of 1925 he won a football scholarship to the University of Southern California, (USC). ( Due to an injury caused by bodysurfing, in Newport Beach, he got taken out of the game football and on to the screens of film acting. The Duke had been in a few films during college, and now he would start his new career there.

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John Wayne began, as an extra in a couple movies, working with director John Ford and director King Vidor in the Bardely??™s the Magnificent. The Duke received his big break from director Roaul Walsh in his first leading role in the Big Trail. It was then and there he took on a new name and became John Wayne. It was the Big Trail that started his career as a paid actor. Although the Big Trail was not a huge success, John Wayne??™s acting did not go unnoticed.
John Wayne??™s next role was the Ringo Kid in the film called Stagecoach, which was released in 1939 in March, and directed by John Ford. Ford had directed several movies before this one, but Stagecoach would be his first western movie in sound, and in Monument Valley where he did most of his later movies. John Wayne went on, staring in several hits like, Three Girls Lost, The Deceiver, Range Feud, Maker of Men, and Texas Cyclone. All in which he made less than 400 dollars a week. As time went by John Wayne did more films and was noticed more by the public.
Most people would say that the top ten of John Wayne??™s movies were these, The Searchers, in which John Wayne plays an Uncle of a young girl who gets captured by Indians, and doesn??™t stop looking for her until he finds her. This film was made in 1956 and the American Film Institute named it the Greatest Western of all time in 2008. (

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Rio Bravo, a film made in 1959. The Duke plays a sheriff in a small western town, places a man in jail that has a rich, ruling, older brother, gunfights and all to serve justice. In El Dorado John Wayne helps a drunken friend who is a sheriff, get back on his feet and fight off the men who are taking over the town. In Fort Apache, he plays as a soldier of the frontier who fights off the last of the Apaches.
True Grit was one of his later movies, but his stubbornness hadn??™t died. He takes a young girl under his wing after a man murders her father she hired him to arrest. In making this film John Wayne received the Academy Award for Best Actor, and a Golden Globe award. When John Wayne received his award he stated this, ??? If I??™d known this, I??™d have put that eye patch on forty years ago.???(
She Wore A Yellow Ribbon is also a movie from when he was older. It was directed by John Ford, and released in 1949. He was a Capt. named Nathan Brittles who was on his last mission before retirement, and it won an Oscar. At the end of the movie Capt. Nathan Brittles, played by John Wayne comes back in the end to a higher rank. (
The Quite Man, one of director John Ford??™s best films, was about a man who goes back to his hometown in Ireland, and fights for the woman he loves. Wikipedia states that this movie was noted for its photography of the Ireland hillsides, and the long and climactic fight between Sean Thornton (John Wayne) and Will Danaher (Victor McLaglen), the brother of Mary Kate Danaher (Maureen O??™Hara).

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McLintock is another one of Wayne??™s westerns, directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and released in 1963. He played the role of George Washington McLintock. One of John Wayne??™s favorite quotes from this movie was, ???I havent lost my temper in 40 years; but, Pilgrim, you caused a lot of trouble this morning; might have got somebody killed; and somebody oughta belt you in the mouth. But I wont. I wont. The Hell I won??™t!??? (He belts him in the mouth). When his daughter Becky McLintock, played by Stefanie Powers, comes home from college, the Duke and Katherine Gilhooley McLintock (Maureen O??™Hara) fight out their marriage. (
The movie Big Jake was made in 1971 and directed by George Sherman. John Wayne plays the role of Jake McCandles. His grandson gets kidnapped by a group of gunslingers and threaten to kill the boy unless they deliver a million dollars. Jake had no idea he even had a grandson until his wife played by Maureen O??™Hara sends for him for his help. Mr. McCandles his Indian friend, and his sons travel behind a band of rangers to retrieve his grandson out of the hands of the killers.
North to Alaska was one of Wayne??™s movies that wasn??™t a western, but he still played the cowboy look. In 1960 he was a miner named Sam who lived in Alaska that struck it rich. After him and his partner found their gold, John Wayne was sent to retrieve his friend??™s fiance. When he gets to Seattle he finds out that his friends fiance married another man. So Sam brings back another girl to console his friends broken heart, but Sam ends up falling in love with her.

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Rio Grande, another movie about the lifestyle of soldiers in the Wild West directed by John Ford released in 1950. The theme was based after the Civil War. In this western John Wayne plays Lt. Col. Kirby Yorke, and his son, Trooper Jefferson Yorke, known as ???Jeff???, played by Claude Jarman Jr., unknowingly joins his father??™s troop after failing at college. His mother Mrs. Kathleen Yorke played by Maureen O??™Hara comes to the fort to get her son and take him home, but her son refuses. Fights, Indian raids, and excitement throughout the whole movie.
John Wayne didn??™t just act in westerns; he acted in several war movies. The Longest Day, a great name for this movie, most will agree that it is one of the longest movies ever. The Longest Day was mainly about the events of D Day. It was released in 1962, and it received two Oscars. It??™s a movie full of action, history, drama, and fighting.
Sergeant Striker was John Wayne??™s role in the movie Sands of Iwo Jima. Released in 1949, and nominated for Academy Awards for the best actor in leading role, best sound, recording, writing and motion picture story. Hard and tough he was to his recruits. One soldier in particular despises Striker and refuses to cooperate. Eventually the two fight out their frustration and make peace, and fight the enemies of America.
The Green Berets was a war movie in John Wayne??™s older age, released in 1968 during the highlights of the Vietnam War. In the movie a news reporter named George Beckworth (David Janssen) goes over seas to John Wayne??™s army camp to get

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information for a piece on an article to end the war. He experiences what the soldier experience and sees the ugly side of war. Beckworth still sees no reason why America should continue its involvement in the War, until something traumatic happened in the camp and he changes his mind, but knows he??™ll probably loose his job for writing a positive outlook on the war.
In the last days of his life he starred in a movie called, The Shootest. In this particular movie, John Wayne played an old gunslinger that was dying from a disease. He rents out from an older woman and her son till the day comes where he breathes his last breath. He takes the boy under his wing and teaches him things that a father might teach his son, but when his mother finds out that he??™s a famous gunslinger, the two begin to quarrel. In the movie he states, ???I wont be wronged, I wont be insulted, and I wont be laid a hand on. I dont do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.”( In the end John Wayne fights one last fight to the death between three other well-known gunmen.
This was John Wayne??™s last film before his death in 1997. There have been tales that John Wayne was diagnosed with cancer when this film was made, but the honest truth is that he had been in surgery, one of his lungs were removed, but no cancer. Not until three years later did John Wayne become ill with cancer.
He left behind a family of seven children and three wives, two divorced. Josephine Saenz was his first wife, in which they had four kids, two boys, two girls, Antonia, Melinda, Michael, and Patrick. Wayne and Josephine got a divorce a few

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years after. John Wayne then married his second wife, Esperanza Baur Diaz. After she accused Wayne of an affair with the actress from the movie Angel and The Bad Man, their marriage only lasted a few more years. His third wife was Palette, also known as Pilar Weldy, she and Wayne had three children, Aissa, John Ethan, and Marisa Carmella. The two were together for seventeen years, and then they drifted apart. In the last days of his life he was living with his secretary. (
Many people have different views on John Wayne. Some see him as a legend, someone to look up to. Some don??™t like John Wayne, for one reason or another, whether it be his hard, and cold comments, or the way he plays a gunman in some of his movies. Brain D. O??™Callaghan stated that when he was younger he liked to watch cowboy movies and things about the western lifestyle. He was about ten years old when he watched his first John Wayne movie. In an interview the question was asked why he liked John Wayne, his reply was, ??? I like him because he was principled, he knew where he stood, and a patriotic. When Brian was asked what his favorite John Wayne movie was he paused for a moment and then stated, ??? I don??™t really have a favorite, when I was younger I really liked the Alamo, now I like the Quiet Man, McClintock, and the Cowboys. I don??™t really have a favorite though, I like a bunch of them.??? Many people have many different opinions on John Wayne and his career as an actor.
John Wayne played the lead in 142 movies total according to the Internet Movie Database. Many people enjoyed John Wayne??™s movies, many grew up with them. Some may have even been taught by them, to be strong and independent, courageous and to have integrity, all the qualities they thought the Duke had.

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