The Escape

The Escape
Brad knew that escaping was next to impossible. For god sakes nobody had ever escaped, but the thought of it lurked in his brain. Every day he watched his prison guard ???Joe??? slowly fall asleep. Just the thought of Joe falling asleep closer to his cell nearly drew him insane. He knew how easily he could get his hands on his revolver, and blow his brains out. Sure the thought was wicked, but if it meant escaping, he would do anything.
Detective Castle arrived at Devil??™s Island, where the most dangerous people are locked away. It was hard for detective Castle to believe that someone escaped from Devil??™s Island. As Castle was walking toward the cell he could smell blood. It was so strong that you would think a hundred people died. Finally he entered the private room where the cell was at. Castle almost stepped in the blood from Joe Barks head. The built hole in Joe??™s head looked like a professional had done it.
Castle got straight to work in searching Brad??™s background. What he found out wasn??™t pretty. Ten years ago Brad had been a cop, and was never home. Lack of attention for his wife ???Diana??? caused her to cheat on him with Fernando ???Brad??™s best friend???. Sadly Brad found them in his house, and shot Fernando right in the heart. Brad couldn??™t kill his wife then, so he made her promise that she would never tell anyone or he would kill her. Diana couldn??™t stand to keep the secret, and live under the same roof as Brad. On a night when Brad was going out drinking, she went to the police protection program, and told them everything.
With this information in his hands, Castle knew who Brad??™s next target was and he had to act fast. As he sped into Brad??™s old drive way, he saw that the door had been busted in and heard the neighborhood dogs barking in excitement. Castle pulled out his gun and slowly entered through the mangled doorway. Cautiously looking over his shoulders and concentrating on any sudden movements, he moved through the house. With one hand stretched out to open the first ajar door, Castle knew what he was about to see; Diana was already dead, and looked as though she had just been stabbed violently in the heart if only a few minutes ago. Suddenly he heard the back door shut. Castle??™s heart began to beat rapidly. He knew that only one of them was going to come out of this situation alive, but didn??™t know who.
Quickly Castle began to sprint for the back door, as he heard an engine kick into life. He had come this close, and was not about to lose him. When he got outside he heard Brad??™s voice; Brad was waiting for Castle. Brad said ???You should??™ve stayed away, and now you??™re going to die.??? Just as Brad was about to shoot Castle; he saw a motel sign right above Brad??™s car. With a quick squeeze on the trigger, Castle shot the sign. A large thud could be heard through the whole neighborhood, as the sign pierced the window through Brad??™s car. Instantly Brad was dead, and justice was served.

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