Union Strength Within Progressive Era

Strength Within Progressive Era”

Union Strength
Within Progressive Era The Progressive Era was a period in which Progressives
sought to re-establish the marketplace amongst poor people. In effect they
would be able to consume more and elevate the strain of their dependency on
both the progressives and elitist. Though it was evident that their plight was
mainly for their own benefit it made people more aware that they could have
some kind of effect on the situation surrounding them.

Many unions
began to form fighting for the amelioration of their working conditions. The
main thing that they were trying to establish was a basic economic freedom and
stability for the lower class society. One of the major issues fought to be
improved was the economic status of women in society. Single mothers, being
looked down upon for going out and working, were forced to send their children
to go and work. However, laws prohibiting child labor led to the first form of
child support. Women continued to lead the majority of unions during the
period. Race was integrated into arguments made by some unions in the form of
referring the system of wages that they were working under, to slavery. One
union leader in particular, Mary (Mother) Jones, said, the black man knows what
liberty is (Foner, 142).

Though not a
comment of malice, it illustrates the incognizant manner in which white people
refer to the black man™s struggle. How is it, that if low class whites cannot
fully enjoy the liberties of being an American citizen, that a black man who is
supposedly (at this time) below whites of any class can take pleasure in any
liberties. What started out as being an aided evolution of economic condition
ended up as a basic want for freedom associated with American citizenship and
innate human rights.

This era not
only showed that the people could accomplish goals for themselves but it also
created a more unified society in America. It portrayed capitalism as an entity
that could manifest itself resulting in the majority being failures and poor
and the minority being rich and successful, and that the only way to regulate
it is for the majority to coalesce against it.-M


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