Awful Auntie

Awful Auntie
Author : David Walliams
Publisher : HarperCollins UK
Total Pages : 416
Release : 2014-09-25
ISBN 10 : 9780007453634
ISBN 13 : 0007453639
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Awful Auntie Book Description:

From number one bestselling author David Walliams comes another heartfelt but hilarious hoot of an adventure.

Auntie Mame

Auntie Mame
Author : Patrick Dennis
Publisher : Penguin UK
Total Pages : 336
Release : 2010-08-05
ISBN 10 : 9780141194134
ISBN 13 : 0141194138
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Auntie Mame Book Description:

When shy young heir Patrick is orphaned at the age of ten, the only family he has is his wealthy and eccentric aunt, a New York socialite named Mame. Prone to dramatic costumes, flights of fancy and expensive whims, Mame will raise Patrick the only way she knows how - with humour, mishaps, unforgettable friends and lots of love. From progressive schooling and Mame's search for a husband to her short-lived literary career and the puncturing of some of Patrick's romances, Auntie Mame is the most magnificent and hilarious work of love, style, wit and the life of a modern American.

Guess What Happened to Me Auntie Kate

Guess What Happened to Me  Auntie Kate
Author : Lynne Arden
Publisher : Dog Ear Publishing
Total Pages : 52
Release : 2008-09
ISBN 10 : 9781598587333
ISBN 13 : 1598587331
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Guess What Happened to Me Auntie Kate Book Description:

LYNNE ARDEN moved with her family to the Pacific Northwest as a young girl living very close to Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington. She graduated from the local high school, attended the University of Washington and took a children s literary course later on in her life. To The Young Reader Alex Kinkaid is a seven year old boy who lives in Washington State by a large body of water called Puget Sound. He likes to write to his Auntie Kate about his adventures with Jerry, his cocker spaniel, Jimmy, his friend and that nasty Jack Turner. He tries real hard to please his teacher, Miss Hawthorne, but he accidentally gets into some trouble along the way. Guess What Happened to Me, Auntie Kate! will delight young children with its comical characters. Young Alex is always getting into scrapes and somehow finding ways to get out of them. From accidentally letting spiders get loose in his classroom, to a disastrous result in the kitchen making jam, Alex sure leads an adventurous life. Some of Alex s adventures were based on the author s own experiences. There actually was a sea lion that broke the windshield of a moored speed boat near Point Pulley. Point Pulley is an actual landmark on Puget Sound. Fishing for sole with nothing more than string, a weight and worms and a harrowing blizzard that hit the Puget Sound area in the Winter of 1950 were also experiences of the author. Along with the humor in these short vignettes, there is an underlying moral message in most of these stories of fair play, being kind to others, (well, most of the time), and trying really hard to be a good kid. NATALIE MARINO is an award wining fine artist who has exhibited widely and has illustrated several children s storybooks. She lives and works in her NJ studio. Email: [email protected]"

Little Aliens

Little Aliens
Author : Myra Kelly
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
Total Pages : 100
Release : 2020-07-31
ISBN 10 : 9783752378443
ISBN 13 : 3752378441
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Little Aliens Book Description:

Reproduction of the original: Little Aliens by Myra Kelly


Author : Robert Duncan-Enzmann
Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
Total Pages :
Release : 2021-11-05
ISBN 10 : 9781794847231
ISBN 13 : 1794847235
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Vera Book Description:

Vera is a young girl with extraordinary intelligence. She was born in a small ship-building town at the start of WWII. This is the story of Vera and the people who love her, help her, pity her, envy her, fear her, and covet her. How Vera rises out of adversity makes her story unusually compelling.


Author : Myron J. Clifton
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages : 308
Release : 2021-02-17
ISBN 10 : 9781664153783
ISBN 13 : 1664153780
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Monuments Book Description:

Monuments to the US War between the States romanticized the notion of the Confederacy. While these monuments came down early in the twenty-first century, it did not signal the end to the romantic ideas people held about the war, nor the existence of white supremacy. In the near future, Civil War reenactment events are still held, and, other than fist fights and drunken brawls, have been mostly violence-free. Until now. When Jenn’s employer is granted a contract at the country’s largest Civil War reenactment, she and the other managers, Paul, Jack, Mari, and Clarence, have to make some tough calls. Across the country, the event’s promoter and his main sponsor, a popular evangelical preacher, make plans for an event no one will soon forget. Thrown together, along with unlikely girlfriends, a doting congregant, and an unstable redneck, the characters are in for a deadly day of monumental terror. PRAISE FOR THE AUTHOR’S PREVIOUS NOVEL, BLM-PD: REVENGE WAS INEVITABLE: “I was captivated immediately. The characters are fleshed out (we all know a KJ and a Queen) the fast pace keeps you engaged all the way through and—without giving away anything—it’s satisfying to see karma in action." “BLM-PD is a page turner! Great characters, vivid visuals & writing that brings emotions. Love the book and the fact that it also provides real-life examples of what is happening in our world today. LOVE the female perspective through leadership, intelligence, resilience, friendship & power." "This book [BLM-PD] kept me engaged from the very start to the very end. It left me wanting more.”

The Secret Country

The Secret Country
Author : Jane Johnson
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Total Pages : 323
Release : 2006
ISBN 10 : 9781416907121
ISBN 13 : 1416907122
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Secret Country Book Description:

This first installment of "a wonderfully offbeat and original series" (Clive Barker) introduces Ben Arnold, who learns his new pet--a talking cat--has been kidnapped from his home in the magical realm of Eidolon, in a devious magical-creature-trafficking scheme. Illustrations.

Time to Say Goodbye

Time to Say Goodbye
Author : Katie Flynn
Publisher : Random House
Total Pages : 432
Release : 2014-03-13
ISBN 10 : 9781448134915
ISBN 13 : 1448134919
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Time to Say Goodbye Book Description:

From the Sunday Times bestselling author Katie Flynn. Three girls, evacuated from Liverpool during World War Two, support each other through hardship and heartbreak. . It’s 1939, and three ten-year-old girls meet on a station platform. Imogen, Rita and Debby all missed the original evacuation and now the authorities are finding it difficult to place them. When Auntie and her niece, Jill, who run the Canary and Linnet Public House, offer to take them in, the billeting officer is greatly relieved. The countryside is heaven to the three little townies, especially after they meet Woody and Josh, also evacuees. They find that by climbing to the top of the biggest tree in the beech wood they have a perfect bird’s-eye view of the nearest RAF station and are able to watch the comings and goings of the young fighter pilots as the Battle of Britain rages. Then they find an injured flier and the war becomes a stark reality. As they grow up, love and rivalry enter their lives and, twenty years on, when the girls decide on a reunion, many surprises come to light...

Little Miss Van Winkle

Little Miss Van Winkle
Author : Clara Burbank Batchelder
Publisher :
Total Pages : 18
Release : 1889
ISBN 13 :
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Little Miss Van Winkle Book Description: