Insurgent Terrorism

Insurgent Terrorism
Author : Victor Asal
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Total Pages : 240
Release : 2022-02-18
ISBN 10 : 9780197607015
ISBN 13 : 0197607012
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Insurgent Terrorism Book Description:

Insurgent groups consist of individuals willing to organize and commit acts of terror to achieve their goals. By nature, they depend on public support, yet they sometimes target private civilians in addition to military personnel and government officials. This book examines insurgent embeddedness--the extent to which an insurgent group is enmeshed in relationships with the state, other insurgents, and the public--in order to understand why they attack civilians. Using Big Allied and Dangerous (BAAD) as the dataset, this book drills into civilian attacks in specific contexts, including schools, news media, and nonmilitary/nongovernment spaces designed for the general public. This book goes one step further, presenting in-depth analyses of intergroup alliances and rivalries, their changes and determinants over time, and the implications for several types of bloodshed against civilians. Insurgent Terrorism offers a comprehensive, modern approach for academics, students, and policy practitioners who seek to understand interorganizational relationships between insurgent organizations.


Author : Charles Sheehan-Miles
Publisher : Cincinnatus Press
Total Pages : 770
Release : 2014-01-14
ISBN 10 : 9781632020130
ISBN 13 : 1632020130
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Insurgent Book Description:

Insurgent is the riveting sequel to the surprise bestseller Republic: A Novel of America's Future. Three months after the end of the West Virginia civil war, Valerie Murphy faces her worst fears as the violence escalates. Former Congressman Al Clark, now Governor of the bankrupt state, must quell an insurgency even as he struggles to put the state back together. In a small town south of Charleston, West Virginia, Corporal Jim Turville meets a young ballet dancer who dreams of moving beyond her small coal mining town. As the young couple grows closer, their love and their lives will be at risk as insurgents move to disrupt the town with shocking violence.

Women and Rebel Communities in the Cuban Insurgent Movement 1952 1959

Women and Rebel Communities in the Cuban Insurgent Movement  1952 1959
Author : Linda A. Klouzal
Publisher : Cambria Press
Total Pages : 367
Release : 2008
ISBN 10 : 9781604975253
ISBN 13 : 1604975253
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Women and Rebel Communities in the Cuban Insurgent Movement 1952 1959 Book Description:

This book is a rare and important study on the people and many of the groups and activist regions involved in the Cuban insurrection of the 1950s. It addresses the insurgent movement, how people were drawn into the struggle, the structure of the movement, including its different activist groups and how rebels operated effectively, and the role women played in this struggle. It sheds light on the localized and social aspects of the struggle, a topic that relatively little has been written on. The cultural, relational, emotional, and experiential factors that affected activists value formation and recruitment are also investigated."

Waging Insurgent Warfare

Waging Insurgent Warfare
Author : Seth G. Jones
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Total Pages : 272
Release : 2016-10-03
ISBN 10 : 9780190600884
ISBN 13 : 0190600888
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Waging Insurgent Warfare Book Description:

Since the end of World War II, there have been 181 insurgencies around the world. In fact, most modern warfare occurs in the form of insurgencies, including in such high-profile countries as Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Ukraine. However, in spite of their prevalence, we still know relatively little about how insurgencies function. With more than three dozen violent insurgencies currently taking place today, a deeper understanding of insurgent groups is more important than ever. In Waging Insurgent Warfare, Seth G. Jones offers new insights into the dynamics of insurgent groups. Jones weaves together examples from current events and recent history to identify the factors that contribute to the rise of an insurgency, the key components involved in conducting an insurgency, from selecting an organizational structure to securing aid from an outside source, and the elements that contribute to the end of insurgencies. Through examining the strategies, tactics, and campaigns that insurgents use, as well as how these factors relate to each other on the ground, Jones provides a comprehensive understanding of the ways in which insurgent groups operate. Empirically rich and historically informed, Waging Insurgent Warfare features data on over one hundred factors for every insurgency that has taken place between 1946 and 2015. While the primary emphasis revolves around insurgency, the findings in this book also have important implications for waging counterinsurgent warfare. Bringing together the existing body of knowledge on insurgencies, Jones provides a practical, accessible resource to help understand insurgent warfare. The definitive resource on insurgency, Waging Insurgent Warfare will appeal to anyone with an interest in insurgency, counterinsurgency, or modern war.

Understanding Insurgent Resilience

Understanding Insurgent Resilience
Author : Andrew D. Henshaw
Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 294
Release : 2020-07-31
ISBN 10 : 9781000068184
ISBN 13 : 1000068188
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Understanding Insurgent Resilience Book Description:

This book examines terrorist and insurgent organisations and seeks to understand how such groups persist for so long, while introducing a new strategic doctrine for countering these organisations. The work discusses whether familial or meritocratic insurgencies are more resilient to counterinsurgency pressures. It argues that it is not the type of organization that determines resilience, but rather the efficiency functions of social capital and trust, which have different natures and forms, within them. It finds that while familial insurgencies can challenge incumbents from the start, they weaken over time, whereas meritocracies will generally strengthen. The book examines four of the most enduring and lethal insurgent organizations: the Haqqani Network in Afghanistan, Lashkar-e-Taiba in Pakistan, Jemaah Islamiyah in Indonesia, and the Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines. The author breaks down each group into its formative strengths and vulnerabilities and presents a bespoke model of strategic counterintelligence that can be used to manipulate, degrade and destroy each organization. This book will be of much interest to students of counterinsurgency, terrorism, intelligence, security and defence studies in general.

Insurgent Collective Action and Civil War in El Salvador

Insurgent Collective Action and Civil War in El Salvador
Author : Elisabeth Jean Wood
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Total Pages : 308
Release : 2003-08-04
ISBN 10 : 0521010500
ISBN 13 : 9780521010504
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Insurgent Collective Action and Civil War in El Salvador Book Description:

Table of contents

Insurgent Crossfire

Insurgent Crossfire
Author : Subir Bhaumik
Publisher : Lancer Publishers
Total Pages : 300
Release : 1996
ISBN 10 : 1897829124
ISBN 13 : 9781897829127
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Insurgent Crossfire Book Description:

Since the British withdrew from the subcontinent, nations in the region have been at war with each other. But instead of fighting long-drawnout wars like that between Iran and Iraq, nations of South Asia have sponsored guerrilla armies and armed, trained and equipped them to harass, bleed or embarrass their rivals. The four wars in the region’s post-colonial era were also born out of sponsored guerrilla wars. In 1948 and 1965, Pakistan first tried to have its way in Kashmir by sponsoring irregulars on a large scale and then followed it up with unsuccessful military campaigns aimed at ensuring the state’s secession from India. In 1962, China attacked India not so much over a disputed border or India’s much publicized Forward Policy but essentially in response to what it felt was a joint Indo-US covert effort in Tibet. In 1971 India rounded off its successful sponsorship of the Bengali guerrilla struggle in erstwhile East Pakistan by a speedy military campaign that resulted in the break up of Pakistan. Insurgent Crossfire examines the origins of sponsored insurgencies and how they have shaped South Asia’s tense diplomatic environment. Having done that, it studies the major sponsored guerrilla campaigns in South Asia and then seeks a detailed case study of the phenomenon by focusing on the far eastern slice of the subcontinent. The author argues that this region, with its multitude of tribes and battling ethnicities, has been the most durable theatre of insurgent crossfire – in which nations like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China (a major actor in South Asian politics) have backed insurgencies against each other.

Insurgent Cuba

Insurgent Cuba
Author : Ada Ferrer
Publisher : Univ of North Carolina Press
Total Pages : 273
Release : 1999
ISBN 10 : 9780807825006
ISBN 13 : 080782500X
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Insurgent Cuba Book Description:

In the late nineteenth century, in an age of ascendant racism and imperial expansion, there emerged in Cuba a movement that unified black, mulatto, and white men in an attack on Europe's oldest empire, with the goal of creating a nation explicitly defined

Trends in Outside Support for Insurgent Movements

Trends in Outside Support for Insurgent Movements
Author : Daniel Byman
Publisher : Rand Corporation
Total Pages : 164
Release : 2001-11-20
ISBN 10 : 9780833032324
ISBN 13 : 0833032321
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Trends in Outside Support for Insurgent Movements Book Description:

The most useful forms of outside support for an insurgent movement include safe havens, financial support, political backing, and direct military assistance. Because states are able to provide all of these types of assistance, their support has had a profound impact on the effectiveness of many rebel movements since the end of the Cold War. However, state support is no longer the only, or indeed necessarily the most important, game in town. Diasporas have played a particularly important role in sustaining several strong insurgencies. More rarely, refugees, guerrilla groups, or other types of non-state supporters play a significant role in creating or sustaining an insurgency, offering fighters, training, or other forms of assistance. This report assesses post-Cold War trends in external support for insurgent movements. It describes the frequency that states, diasporas, refugees, and other non-state actors back guerrilla movements. It also assesses the motivations of these actors and which types of support matter most. This book concludes by assessing the implications for analysts of insurgent movements.

Insurgent Empire

Insurgent Empire
Author : Priyamvada Gopal
Publisher : Verso Books
Total Pages : 634
Release : 2019-06-25
ISBN 10 : 9781784784140
ISBN 13 : 1784784141
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Insurgent Empire Book Description:

Upsets received views to show how rebellious colonies changed British attitudes to empire. Much has been written on the how colonial subjects took up British and European ideas and turned them against empire when making claims to freedom and self-determination. The possibility of reverse influence has been largely overlooked. Insurgent Empire shows how Britain's enslaved and colonial subjects were not merely victims of empire and subsequent beneficiaries of its crises of conscience but also agents whose resistance both contributed to their own liberation and shaped British ideas about freedom and who could be free. This book examines dissent over the question of empire in Britain and shows how it was influenced by rebellions and resistance in the colonies from the West Indies and East Africa to Egypt and India. It also shows how a pivotal role in fomenting dissent was played by anti-colonial campaigners based in London at the heart of the empire.