Live Beautiful

Live Beautiful
Author : Athena Calderone
Publisher : Abrams
Total Pages : 381
Release : 2020-03-03
ISBN 10 : 9781683358756
ISBN 13 : 1683358759
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Live Beautiful Book Description:

The celebrated design expert and creator of EyeSwoon shares an inspiring look at how creatives arrange and decorate their homes. Beautiful design isn’t just pleasant to look at; it improves the quality of our lives. In Live Beautiful, EyeSwoon creator Athena Calderone taps into her international network of interior decorators, fashion designers, and tastemakers to reveal how carefully crafted interiors come together. She also opens the doors to two of her own residences. With each homeowner, Athena explores the spark of inspiration that started their design journey. She then breaks down the details of the rooms—like layered textures and patterns, collected pieces, and customized vignettes—and offers helpful tips on how to bring these elevated elements into your own space. Filled with gorgeous photography by Nicole Franzen, Live Beautiful is both a showpiece of exquisite design and a guide to creating a home that’s thoughtfully put together.

Live Your Sunshine

Live Your Sunshine
Author : Lesley MacCulloch
Publisher : Balboa Press
Total Pages : 328
Release : 2017-07-11
ISBN 10 : 9781504382052
ISBN 13 : 1504382056
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Live Your Sunshine Book Description:

We are brought up in a world where living in fear is both encouraged and accepted. Its normal to feel doubt, to feel guilt, to feel anger, to feel a failure. Its normal to lack enjoyment, self-confidence, and fulfilment. Its normal to live our lives according to what other people want of us, or what we think other people want of us, and to feel that, in a world where we constantly criticise and compare, were simply not good enough. But good enough for what? And in whose view? Its time to turn that thinking around. You are good enough! You were born with confidence and a healthy self-esteem. You were born to smile more. You were born to feel ease, to feel well, and to listen to your heart and your intuition. And you can reconnect with that you. You can live true to yourself, and you can feel contentment, joy, and harmony. You can find peace, acceptance, and inner strength. You are perfect, human, worthy. You are special. You are you, and the world needs you. Free the spirit thats still burning deep inside you, and shine! You are and you can!

My Beautiful Princess Bible NLT

My Beautiful Princess Bible NLT
Author : Sheri Rose Shepherd
Publisher : Tyndale House Pub
Total Pages : 779
Release : 2012-07
ISBN 10 : 9781414368153
ISBN 13 : 1414368151
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

My Beautiful Princess Bible NLT Book Description:

My Beautiful Princess Bible is the perfect Bible for princesses of all ages! This one-of-a-kind Bible with special features from bestselling author Sheri Rose Shepherd was created for girls ages 3 and up. The pink and purple interior, along with the over 500 highlighted Bible verses, will have God's princesses excited about reading God's Word! Girls will love the 24 pages of full-color inserts with Sheri Rose's love letters from God and beautiful prayers that will encourage them to communicate with their Father in Heaven. Sheri Rose also writes about 10 of her favorite girls in the Bible, 14 of her favorite promise verses, how to become God's princess, and so much more! Every feature, including the 66 book-introduction sentences and the very special content for girls found throughout this Bible, was uniquely created to engage girls in the Word of God and instill truth in their hearts. The New Living Translation is an authoritative Bible translation, rendered faithfully into today's English from the ancient texts by 90 leading Bible scholars. The NLT's scholarship and clarity breathe life into even the most difficult-to-understand Bible passages--but even more powerful are stories of how people's lives are changing as the words speak directly to their hearts. That's why we call it "The Truth Made Clear."

Pleasure and the Good Life

Pleasure and the Good Life
Author : Fred Feldman
Publisher : Oxford University Press on Demand
Total Pages : 221
Release : 2004-03-25
ISBN 10 : 9780199265169
ISBN 13 : 019926516X
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Pleasure and the Good Life Book Description:

Since ancient times, hedonism has been one of the most attractive and controversial theories. In this text, the author presents a careful, modern formulation of hedonism, defending the theory against some of the most important objections.

The Beautiful People of the World

The Beautiful People of the World
Author : The Trolls of Croydon Lake
Publisher : Archway Publishing
Total Pages : 122
Release : 2013-07-17
ISBN 10 : 9781480801158
ISBN 13 : 1480801151
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Beautiful People of the World Book Description:

It is the purpose of your life to know and discover who you are and what your life is really about. You already have the answers within yourself; you just need to know how to find them. The Beautiful People of the World aims to help you rediscover what you have never lost, reconnect with that inner wisdom, and have a profound relationship with it. Filled with ideas about the next great leap in the advancement of consciousness and evolution of mankind, The Beautiful People of the World can help you realize and understand the true purpose of your life. You can * rediscover and nurture your inner treasures so you can become everything you were meant to be; * validate your intuitive knowledge of certain things you knew in a distant era, have forgotten, and are longing to rediscover; * reconnect to that precious place; * live from your authentic self; and * use Sapir yoga as a powerful, natural method to get a glimpse of the true consciousness. Inspired by messages author Pierre de la Pierraz received from animal-like forms in old wood that he would shape into what became trolls, The Beautiful People of the World communicates how you can transform your life and become a channel for that creative energy, love, and peace.

21 Promises

21 Promises
Author : Spencer Traver
Publisher : WestBow Press
Total Pages : 150
Release : 2016-02-22
ISBN 10 : 9781512730951
ISBN 13 : 1512730955
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

21 Promises Book Description:

21 Promises combines the clarity of the gospel and the authenticity of life stories to accurately reveal the abiding promises of God displayed in our lives. In some cases, we fail to recognize Gods presence as we endure present times. However, the beauty of the gospel comes to a brief fruition when we step away from the window and observe Gods sustaining work arising in each of our days. The purpose of focusing on the promises of God found in Scripture originates from a lack of Biblical understanding in our generation. As young adults in a liberal society, the value of gathering an accurate understanding of Gods promises remains crucially important. Friends, family, and professors might teach or share false ideas about God, prompting young adults to doubt his existence, his goodness, and his authority. With the help of Scripture, 21 Promises teaches adults, young and old, to understand with their minds and believe with their hearts in the unfailing promises of God. Likewise, the creative narrative of this book allows the reader to witness stories from a first-person perspective before reflecting on Gods promises as a third-person party. In essence, the hope of this book focuses on the readers observation of the promises of God displayed in Scripture and real life events, regardless of their history and knowledge of God. Without Gods promises, we live confused lives; yet, he makes himself present and available through these divine revelations.

The Living Age

The Living Age
Author :
Publisher :
Total Pages :
Release : 1873
ISBN 10 : CHI:55223422
ISBN 13 :
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Living Age Book Description:

The World of the United Humanity of the Universe and Its Fundamental Doctrines

The World of the United Humanity of the Universe and Its Fundamental Doctrines
Author : By a Messenger of The Absolute Creator of the Universe
Publisher : Outskirts Press
Total Pages : 31
Release : 2017-09-08
ISBN 10 : 9781478789734
ISBN 13 : 1478789735
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The World of the United Humanity of the Universe and Its Fundamental Doctrines Book Description:

(Gathering of Thousands of Giant Galaxies) This book explains that each of us is equally a “True Miracle Person” who came to exist as the results of billions of years of wondrous events that have taken place ever since the Universe was created by the Absolute Creator of the Universe (ACU). As such, everyone’s life must be respected and protected as the highest priority of this beautiful world regardless of anyone’s race, religious/political belief, sex/sexuality, and mental, physical, or financial conditions. Regardless, the present world on our planet Earth is filled with hatred, chaos, and abandoned people caused by religious and political disputes, wide differences between rich and poor along with ill managed governments and the existence of dictatorships. This book, therefore, promotes the establishment of the World of the United Humanity of the Universe (WUHU) and its Fundamental Doctrines to ensure the freedoms of all humanity while helping them to truly cherish and enjoy each of their precious lives together on this beautiful mother Earth, in the vast Universe, and beyond.

Tantric Transformation

Tantric Transformation
Author : Osho
Publisher : Osho Media International
Total Pages : 227
Release : 2012-12-11
ISBN 10 : 9780880504102
ISBN 13 : 0880504102
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Tantric Transformation Book Description:

In the 'Tantric Transformation' we are introduced to the sacred and ancient tradition of Tantra by a contemporary Tantric master, Osho. We are given a detailed map of Tantra: inner man, inner woman; the meeting of man and woman; the transformation of energy through sex, love and meditation. Based on the Royal Song of Saraha, we are not just introduced to an Asian sex tradition but with Osho we enter the higher levels of transformation. Here we find Tantra as a door to freedom: freedom from all mind-constructs, mind games; freedom from all structures and freedom from the other. Love and meditation merge and provide a path to liberation.'Tantric Transformation' is a very alive, concrete book for exploration of our own energy, of our own inner space. You don't just read Osho, you undefine yourself.