Data Redefined and Digital Identity

Data Redefined and Digital Identity
Author : Josiah Umezurike
Publisher :
Total Pages : 44
Release : 2020-04-17
ISBN 10 : 9798638178291
ISBN 13 :
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Data Redefined and Digital Identity Book Description:

The writer presents a new idea in a chaotic time. The book does not discuss the nature of any virus and does not claim authority in the sphere. It only draws a conclusion which leads one to surmise that outbreaks could be a driver of technological changes now and in years to come. This pandemic will affect the way we live: Meeting will be an integration of many technologies especially in the internet: We will see moves towards distributed servicing; smart contracts and technology husbandry e.g IT. This will result into the explosion of cloud, IoT and mobile usages. As a result we submit a need to redefine data immediately. The demand for more services going home bound will never stop for various social and economic reasons. The traditional way of working in all fields including engineering and IT space will change forever since more organizations will be economically coerced to go home-bound in order to reverse the downward spiral of the economy. As these moves become more than essential for our day to day lives. It also posses new problems with respect to our health because we will see the rise of psychological and ergonomic health related challenges. Tele-Health to the rescue. However, cyber-security and its practices are not robust enough to address all the problems that will come along.The chaos observed points to one thing; an increased attack surfaces whether cyber related or health. Home internet services are narrowly equipped with the capacity to contain business bandwidth, circuits and operations. These ISPs are not equipped with effective defense and scrubbing techniques in case of emergencies (security events) within residential ISP IP ranges e.g (a DDOS). The modern day security or defence is more than the moat, draw bridges, castle walls and battlements. To combat these we need to redefine data in all levels. One cannot talk about digital identity without talking about data.-The protection of data and digital identity are golden. They will represent, define and defend us from the dangers of the digital era. It is very relevant to present a new approach and to start a conversation on it. Trusted digital identity will sanitize, protect and secure the teeming population who are constantly on the internet. Those capable of securing their data; their information, will control their future with a quantum world in view.