Affirmation Journal Law of Attraction a 33 Day Guide to Manifesting Your Reality

Affirmation Journal  Law of Attraction   a 33 Day Guide to Manifesting Your Reality
Author : Elisa Marie
Publisher :
Total Pages : 136
Release : 2020-06-27
ISBN 10 : 9798657518139
ISBN 13 :
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Affirmation Journal Law of Attraction a 33 Day Guide to Manifesting Your Reality Book Description:

The 369 Affirmation Journal is a 33 day guide to manifest your realities. Using the divine numbers of 3,6, and 9 this journal will amplify your affirmations. The journal provides you with enough pages to do two rounds of a 33 day affirmation guide! During the day you will write your affirmation 3 times, in the afternoon you will write your affirmation six times and in the evening you will write your affirmation nine times. The Journal is organized to help you write your affirmations, while using the 3,6,9 tool."If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe." - Nikola Tesla Do this daily and see your manifestations come to reality! Grab a copy for a friend and share the journey together!

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Click on the LOOK INSIDE feature next to the book image to get a view of the beautiful interior of the pages in this journal. The 3 6 9 Manifestation/Affirmation Journal is a 33/45 day guide to manifest your realities. According to Nikola Tesla, Using the divine numbers of 3,6
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The 369 manifestation method is a law of attraction ritual. It helps you manifest your desires by writing down whatever you want in the following order: 3 times in the morning 6 times in the afternoon 9 times at night You go through this process for 33 or 45 days