A True Story of an American Nazi Spy

A True Story of an American Nazi Spy
Author : Robert A. Miller
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
Total Pages : 348
Release : 2013-02-27
ISBN 10 : 9781466982192
ISBN 13 : 1466982195
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

A True Story of an American Nazi Spy Book Description:

A True Story of an American Nazi Spy, William C. Colepaugh. A Biography William C. Colepaugh was born and raised in Black Point Connecticut. Living on the banks of Long Island Sound he developed a love for the sea and aspired to become a naval architect. His goals were sidetracked by his lack of educational skills as he failed in his attempt at a degree from either the Naval Academy or MIT. Influenced by family members, schoolmates, and social acquaintances, he developed a love for Germany and all things German. This love grew to a desire to go to Germany to further attempt to achieve his original goals. It didnt take long for him to become disenchanted after he finally arrived in Germany as the Germans had different plans for him. He was trained as an espionage agent and saboteur by the SS and returned to the United States to carry out his mission with a fellow German national, Eric Gimpel. After a 54-day submarine journey they landed near Bar Harbor Maine with $60,000, diamonds, fire arms, and espionage equipment and made they way to New York City that was to become their base of operation. However, after three weeks, mistrust developed between the two spies. Colepaugh broke loose from Gimpel with the money but was soon outsmarted by the seasoned spy. Soon after, Colepaugh decided to turn himself in to the FBI and provided them with enough information that culminated in the capture of Gimpel a few days later. They were tried and convicted by military tribune and sentenced to be hanged, but presidential politics and world events led to a change in their sentence to life in prison. Colepaugh served 15 years in Federal prison and was released in 1960. For the next 42 years of his life he functioned as a successful businessman, community member, and husband, with his past only known to a select few including his wife. In 2002 he was exposed by a journalist and lived in seclusion the remaining three years of his life.

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