Practicing the Power of Now

Practicing the Power of Now
Author : Eckhart Tolle
Publisher : New World Library
Total Pages : 142
Release : 2001
ISBN 10 : 9781577311959
ISBN 13 : 1577311957
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Practicing the Power of Now Book Description:

A collection of simple meditations and exercises helps readers highten their consciousness of the present and live in the moment more completely. 50,000 first printing. $50,000 ad/promo. Original.

The Power of Now Practice It And Attain Enlightenment

The Power of Now   Practice It And Attain Enlightenment
Author : Megan Coulter
Publisher :
Total Pages : 72
Release : 2020-08-31
ISBN 10 : 1393602568
ISBN 13 : 9781393602569
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Power of Now Practice It And Attain Enlightenment Book Description:

The Power of Now - Practice It And Attain Enlightenment A lot of people have missed key opportunities in their lives over the years because they failed to see the power of now. Most people fail to live in the now because they prefer to be fear of what they do not know will happen tomorrow. However, this eBook will be able to help you realize why it is important to free yourself from the fear of tomorrow by shutting down today. The problem with this is that tomorrow will come, and you will live the same way, which will affect your life every single day. Your life should be lived in the now because no one has control of what happens tomorrow. Reading this eBook will help you understand how today stands out and why you need to do all you can to benefit from the now. What All You Will Get In This Book What Is Now? Power of Now in Your Business How to Benefit from Your Now Understanding the 5 W's Of Now Speaking With the Understanding of Now Understanding the Power of Now in Your Relationships Build Your Confidence by Understanding the Now Do the Things You Love and Forget What People Say Self-Realization through Understanding the Now Motivate Yourself with Understanding the Now Find Out More about the Power of Now Be Accommodating and Open-Minded About Today Be Positive About Today Tackling Your Problems in the Now

How to Thrive in Professional Practice

How to Thrive in Professional Practice
Author : Stephen J Mordue
Publisher : Critical Publishing
Total Pages : 168
Release : 2020-05-05
ISBN 10 : 9781913063917
ISBN 13 : 1913063917
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

How to Thrive in Professional Practice Book Description:

This engaging book pulls together the individual strains of self-care, spirituality and common sense. It is a one-stop ‘bible’ to give social workers and other professionals an uncomplicated, easy to read resource that empowers them to manage and maintain their well-being through personal responsibility and self-care. The world today is fast paced and societal expectations for impeccable service are high. We cannot always alter the demands of our professional or personal lives, but by actively pursuing well-being we can enhance skills to support open discussion in supervision (or in personal reflection) so that individuals (and organisations) can successfully rise to meet challenges head on and reduce the risks associated with burnout. Building on the authors’ years of personal experience, this book Brings together everything professionals need for their own self-care through a range of practical activities Gives you tried and tested self-care ideas backed by the latest research Allows you as professionals to take a holistic approach to a range of subjects that people usually explore in isolation.

Practising Social Inclusion

Practising Social Inclusion
Author : Ann Taket
Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 328
Release : 2013-07-24
ISBN 10 : 9781135021542
ISBN 13 : 1135021546
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Practising Social Inclusion Book Description:

Practising Social Inclusion presents what we know about what works, and why, in promoting social inclusion and practising in a socially inclusive way. Contributing to the growing debates on social inclusion, this book moves beyond discussion of who it is that is socially excluded and the processes of exclusion. It draws on research and reflective practice to answer the vital question of how to actually work towards inclusion and includes five sections looking at different arenas for practice: policy; programme design; service delivery; community life; and research. Relevant to all those working to promote, or researching, human health and wellbeing, this book is especially suitable for practitioners, students and scholars in health promotion, social work, social policy, public health, disability studies, occupational therapy and nursing.

Dharma Training Course Year Four

Dharma Training Course Year Four
Author : Triratna Buddhist Community
Publisher :
Total Pages : 350
Release : 2016-12-21
ISBN 10 : 9781326873943
ISBN 13 : 1326873946
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Dharma Training Course Year Four Book Description:

The Triratna Dharma Training Course for Mitras offers a comprehensive four-year course in Buddhism and meditation. Year Four includes: The Inconceivable Emancipation: The Vimalak

Practising Human Geography

Practising Human Geography
Author : Paul Cloke
Publisher : SAGE
Total Pages : 416
Release : 2004-05-25
ISBN 10 : 9780761973256
ISBN 13 : 0761973257
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Practising Human Geography Book Description:

Practising Human Geography is critical introduction to disciplinary debates about the practice of human geography, that is informed by an inquiry into how geographers actually do research. In examining those methods and practices that are integral to doing geography, the text presents a theoretically-informed reflection on the construction and interpretation of geographical data - including factual and "fictional" sources; the use of core research methodologies; and the interpretative role of the researcher. Framed by an historical overview how ideas of practising human geography have changed, the following three sections offer an comprehensive and integrated overview of research methodologies. Illustrated throughout, the te

Going Beyond the Theory Practice Divide in Early Childhood Education

Going Beyond the Theory Practice Divide in Early Childhood Education
Author : Hillevi Lenz Taguchi
Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 224
Release : 2009-09-10
ISBN 10 : 9781135217860
ISBN 13 : 1135217866
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Going Beyond the Theory Practice Divide in Early Childhood Education Book Description:

Going Beyond the Theory/Practice Divide in Early Childhood Education focuses on the use of pedagogical documentation as a tool for learning and transformation. Based on innovative research, the author presents new approaches to learning in early childhood education, shifting attention to the force and impact which material objects and artefacts can have in learning. Drawing upon the theories of feminist Karen Barad and philosophers Gille Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Hillevi Lenz Taguchi discusses examples of how pens, paper, clay and construction materials can be understood as active and performative agents, challenging binary divides such as theory/practice, discourse/matter and mind/body in teaching and learning. Numerous examples from practice are explored to introduce an intra-active pedagogy. 'Methodological' strategies for learning with children in preschools, and in teacher education, are brought to the fore. For example: the neighbourhood around the preschool and children's homes is explored, using drawing and construction-work on the floor; mathematics is investigated in teacher education, using the body, dance and music to investigate mathematical relationships and problems; taken-for-granted forms of academic writing are challenged by different forms of praxis- and experience-based writings that transgress the theory/practice divide; children, students and teacher educators use pedagogical documentation to understand their own learning, and to critique dominant habits of thinking and doing. Challenging the dominant understanding of ‘inclusion’ in educational contexts, and making ‘difference’ actively visible and positive, this book is rooted in the experiences, practices and words of teachers, teacher educators and student teachers. It will appeal to all those involved in early childhood education and also to those interested in challenging educational thinking and practices.

Redemption From Addiction

Redemption From Addiction
Author : Gerard "Jerry" Egan
Publisher : Author House
Total Pages : 506
Release : 2011-12-27
ISBN 10 : 1467834416
ISBN 13 : 9781467834414
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Redemption From Addiction Book Description:

There are awesome and powerful creative forces that can be fully tapped; that will absolutely unleash our dreams and hopes transforming them into a desired reality; or these very same forces will send us into the deepest darkest Hell we have ever known! If a person fails to understand that they have a huge responsibility to take full possession and control of this great creative power, then that failure to take this responsibility will always lead to these forces taking control of the person in an undesirable, destructive and potentially deadly manner. In other words opportunities and temptations to use drugs or alcohol will present themselves as a direct result of failing to take control of these forces or misusing their power! All addictions are a manifestation caused by the poor or improper use of these forces and powers! The very Powers that govern the ability for anyone to accomplish anything in their lives for their good; are the very same powers that can and will undermine and destroy those efforts! This book will give you the essential Eleven Powers and Eleven Arts that will enable you to change your life. The use of these Powers and Arts will enable you to take full control of not only your addiction, but provide endless opportunities to create and design an entire new Destiny! Addicts and alcoholics have inadvertently mastered the principles of success and use those very same concepts to assure their own failure and destruction! By forcing yourself to do what you don’t want to do enables you to gain hold of and grasp these powerful forces and turn them in the direction of success instead of failure! Teach yourself and learn to direct the awesome creative forces within you and learn to turn your “Possibilities into Probabilities!”