The Forty Rules of Love

The Forty Rules of Love
Author : Elif Shafak
Publisher : Penguin UK
Total Pages : 368
Release : 2011-06-02
ISBN 10 : 9780241957103
ISBN 13 : 0241957109
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Forty Rules of Love Book Description:

*The international bestseller* "Every true love and friendship is a story of unexpected transformation. If we are the same person before and after we loved, that means we haven't loved enough..." Ella Rubinstein has a husband, three teenage children, and a pleasant home. Everything that should make her confident and fulfilled. Yet there is an emptiness at the heart of Ella's life - an emptiness once filled by love. So when Ella reads a manuscript about the thirteenth-century Sufi poet Rumi and Shams of Tabriz, and his forty rules of life and love, her world is turned upside down. She embarks on a journey to meet the mysterious author of this work. It is a quest infused with Sufi mysticism and verse, taking Ella and us into an exotic world where faith and love are heartbreakingly explored. . . 'Enlightening, enthralling. An affecting paean to faith and love' Metro 'Colourfully woven and beguilingly intelligent' Daily Telegraph 'The past and present fit together beautifully in a passionate defence of passion itself' The Times

Summary the Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

Summary the Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak
Author : Book Zoom
Publisher :
Total Pages : 81
Release : 2021-04-16
ISBN 10 : 9798738838125
ISBN 13 :
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Summary the Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak Book Description:

Have you been wishing to read "The Forty Rules of Love" by Elif Shafak but don't have the time to read the 300-page book or are looking for a reading companion that will help you grasp everything you are reading for easy reference? If you've answered YES, keep reading... You've Just Discovered The Most Detailed Chapter-To-Chapter Summary Of "The Forty Rules of Love" By Elif Shafak! Summary And Study Guide Of The Forty Rules of Love If you are curious to know answers to Your questions regarding The Forty Rules of Love, you are in luck, as this book breaks down the 300 pages into value-packed 60 pages that will help you grasp the main things talked about in each chapter! This book summary features: * Summary * Story Analysis * Character Analysis * Themes * Symbols & Motifs * Literary Devices * Important Quotes * Essay Topics Yes, if you feel you need more than a book review to decide whether to read The Forty Rules of Love, then this Summary of The Forty Rules of Love is a must-read! Note: This is an unofficial companion book to Elif Shafak's popular book "The Forty Rules of Love" - it is meant to improve your reading experience and is not the original book! Scroll up and click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to start reading!

Dimensions of Love

Dimensions of Love
Author : Padma Aon Prakasha
Publisher : John Hunt Publishing
Total Pages : 352
Release : 2013-06-28
ISBN 10 : 9781780995144
ISBN 13 : 1780995148
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Dimensions of Love Book Description:

What is love...and what is it not? Why is love the most misused word on this planet? Is love meant to hurt? Is there a map to love that I can follow? The Pathway to God s Divine Love, the simplest pathway on earth, has been obscured by our own forgetting of who God is. Dimensions of Love: 7 Steps to God contains new and sometimes radical truths for the soul, in a simple, poignant and profound way. Soulful and insightful, it contains a message of beauty that cannot be missed.

Muslims and American Popular Culture 2 volumes

Muslims and American Popular Culture  2 volumes
Author : Anne R. Richards
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Total Pages : 847
Release : 2014-02-10
ISBN 10 : 9780313379635
ISBN 13 : 0313379637
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Muslims and American Popular Culture 2 volumes Book Description:

Offering readers an engaging, accessible, and balanced account of the contributions of American Muslims to the contemporary United States, this important book serves to clarify misrepresentations and misunderstandings regarding Muslim Americans and Islam. • Identifies the contributions of Muslims to American fiction, poetry, music, food, architecture, and other cultural forms to document the breadth of their contributions • Highlights the ways in which Muslims have been, and continue to be, routinely depicted negatively in American literature, film, and religious discourse, and documents the potential effects that such depictions can have on individual Muslims and their communities • Offers readers useful tools that allow them to apply a critical eye to the representations of Muslims in the news

Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes

Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes
Author : Alberto Fabio Ambrosio
Publisher : ISD LLC
Total Pages :
Release : 2019-12-31
ISBN 10 : 9781925612288
ISBN 13 : 1925612287
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes Book Description:

This brings together, in English, for the first time a number of articles in one volume that have been published in various books and journals and are reprinted with permission. Through this work, Rumi and his poetry as well as the whirling dervishes, will hopefully become more widely known in Western countries than they are at present. The whirling dervishes are famous for their ecstatic dance and but here it is hoped that their role within Sufism will become more clearly understood. The book is an attempt to suggest a renewed manner of thinking about one of the most celebrated trends in the mystical dimension of the Islam, the religion of love of Rumi and the cosmic dance of the dervishes. The theology is at the back of all the itinerary and the all five chapters represent the possibility to rethink the dynamic relation between disciples and their Founder, institution and charisma, politics and mysticism.

Re discovering Age ing

Re discovering Age ing
Author : Núria Casado-Gual
Publisher : transcript Verlag
Total Pages : 186
Release : 2019-07-31
ISBN 10 : 9783839443965
ISBN 13 : 3839443962
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Re discovering Age ing Book Description:

Since Mentor, Telemachus' advisor in Homer's Odyssey, gave name to the figure of the 'wise teacher,' fictional representations of mentoring have permeated classic and contemporary cultural texts of different literary genres such as fiction, poetry, and life writing. The contributions of this volume explore wisdom in old age through a series of narratives of mentorship which, either from a critical or a personal perspective, undermine ageist views of later life.

Contesting Islamophobia

Contesting Islamophobia
Author : Peter Morey
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages : 296
Release : 2019-05-30
ISBN 10 : 9781788316132
ISBN 13 : 1788316134
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Contesting Islamophobia Book Description:

Islamophobia is one of the most prevalent forms of prejudice in the world today. This timely book reveals the way in which Islamophobia's pervasive power is being met with responses that challenge it and the worldview on which it rests. The volume breaks new ground by outlining the characteristics of contemporary Islamophobia across a range of political, historic, and cultural public debates in Europe and the United States. Chapters examine issues such as: how anti-Muslim prejudice facilitates questionable foreign and domestic policies of Western governments; the tangible presence of anti-Muslim bias in media and the arts including a critique of the global blockbuster fantasy series Game of Thrones; youth activism in response to securitised Islamophobia in education; and activist forms of Muslim self-fashioning including Islamic feminism, visual art and comic strip superheroes in popular culture and new media. Drawing on contributions from experts in history, sociology, and literature, the book brings together interdisciplinary perspectives from culture and the arts as well as political and policy reflections. It argues for an inclusive cultural dialogue through which misrepresentation and institutionalised Islamophobia can be challenged.

Discourses on Nations and Identities

Discourses on Nations and Identities
Author : Daniel Syrovy
Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
Total Pages : 612
Release : 2021-01-18
ISBN 10 : 9783110641875
ISBN 13 : 3110641879
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Discourses on Nations and Identities Book Description:

The third volume of the collected papers of the ICLA congress "The Many Languages of Comparative Literature" includes contributions that focus on the interplay between concepts of nation, national languages, and individual as well as collective identities. Because all literary communication happens within different kinds of power structures - linguistic, economic, political -, it often results in fascinating forms of hybridity. In the first of four thematic chapters, the papers investigate some of the ways in which discourses can establish modes of thinking, or how discourses are in turn controlled by active linguistic interventions, whether in the context of the patriarchy, war, colonialism, or political factions. The second thematic block is predominantly concerned with hybridity as an aspect of modern cultural identity, and the cultural and linguistic dimensions of domestic life and in society at large. Closely related, a third series of papers focuses on writers and texts analysed from the vantage points of exile and exophony, as well as theoretical contributions to issues of terminology and what it means to talk about transcultural phenomena. Finally, a group of papers sheds light on more overtly violent power structures, mechanisms of exclusion, Totalitarianism, torture, and censorship, but also resistance to these forms of oppression. In addition to these chapters, the volume also collects a number of thematically related group sections from the ICLA congress, preserving their original context.

The Clarity Cleanse

The Clarity Cleanse
Author : Dr Habib Sadeghi
Publisher : Hachette UK
Total Pages : 304
Release : 2018-01-18
ISBN 10 : 9780751572490
ISBN 13 : 0751572497
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Clarity Cleanse Book Description:

A GOOP insider and advisor to Gwyneth Paltrow, Emily Blunt, Tim Robbins, Stella McCartney and others, Dr Sadeghi shows you how to turn obstacles into healing and energising opportunities. Based on the powerful mind-body strategy Dr Habib Sadeghi developed to help himself recover from cancer more than twenty years ago, THE CLARITY CLEANSE will enable you to clear your mind and heal your body. The Clarity Cleanse has two components: DIETARY and EMOTIONAL. The diet is designed to negate the physical residue of repressed emotions in the organs most affected by negativity. By following this diet for 10 days a month while alternating between emotional purging exercises - 12-minute writings and 12-minute dialogues - readers will find emotional clarity, clarity of vision and clarity of action in their daily lives. With THE CLARITY CLEANSE you learn how to: · Create clear intention · Purge negative emotions · Practice compassionate self-forgiveness · Refocus negative energy to move beyond doubt and fear · Ask the kind of questions that will help your relationships By following the twelve steps in this book, you will achieve a sense of peace and control, raise your self-esteem, and assert yourself in new ways to achieve positive and lasting change. Then, finally, you will be able to express your true, authentic self.

Cultural Fusion of Sufi Islam

Cultural Fusion of Sufi Islam
Author : Sarwar Alam
Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 256
Release : 2019-08-19
ISBN 10 : 9780429872945
ISBN 13 : 0429872941
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Cultural Fusion of Sufi Islam Book Description:

It has been argued that the mystical Sufi form of Islam is the most sensitive to other cultures, being accommodative to other traditions and generally tolerant to peoples of other faiths. It readily becomes integrated into local cultures and they are similarly often infused into Sufism. Examples of this reciprocity are commonly reflected in Sufi poetry, music, hagiographic genres, memoires, and in the ritualistic practices of Sufi traditions. This volume shows how this often-side-lined tradition functions in the societies in which it is found, and demonstrates how it relates to mainstream Islam. The focus of this book ranges from reflecting Sufi themes in the Qur’anic calligraphy to movies, from ideals to everyday practices, from legends to actual history, from gender segregation to gender transgression, and from legalism to spiritualism. Consequently, the international panel of contributors to this volume are trained in a range of disciplines that include religious studies, history, comparative literature, anthropology, and ethnography. Covering Southeast Asia to West Africa as well as South Asia and the West, they address both historical and contemporary issues, shedding light on Sufism’s adaptability. This book sets aside conventional methods of understanding Islam, such as theological, juridical, and philosophical, in favour of analysing its cultural impact. As such, it will be of great interest to all scholars of Islamic Studies, the Sociology of Religion, Religion and Media, as well as Religious Studies and Area Studies more generally.