Together is Better

Together is Better
Author : Anne Davies
Publisher : Portage & Main Press
Total Pages : 108
Release : 1992
ISBN 10 : 1895411548
ISBN 13 : 9781895411546
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Together is Better Book Description:

Grade level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, e, i, p, s, t.

Together is Better

Together is Better
Author : Simon Sinek
Publisher : Penguin UK
Total Pages : 160
Release : 2016-09-13
ISBN 10 : 9780241972243
ISBN 13 : 0241972248
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Together is Better Book Description:

Most of us live our lives by accident - we live as it happens. Fulfilment comes when we live our lives on purpose. 'What are you going to do with your life? What are you doing with your life now?' 'Do you have goals? A vision? A clear sense of why you do what you do?' Almost everyone knows someone who has grappled with at least one of these questions. The answers can often seem elusive or uncertain. Though there are many paths to follow into the unknown future, there is one way that dramatically increases the chances we will enjoy the journey. To travel with someone we trust. We can try to build a successful career or a happy life alone, but why would we? Together is better. This unique and delightful little book makes the point that together is better in a quite unexpected way. Simon Sinek, bestselling author of Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last, blends the wisdom he has gathered from around the world with a heartwarming, richly illustrated original fable. Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.

Together Is a Beautiful Place

Together Is a Beautiful Place
Author : Bailey T. Hurley
Publisher : NavPress
Total Pages : 192
Release : 2022-05-17
ISBN 10 : 9781641583183
ISBN 13 : 1641583185
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Together Is a Beautiful Place Book Description:

Are you lonely? Do you struggle to find the real friends you long for? Here is your invitation to build lasting friendship through meaningful and intentional practices that anyone can do. The older we get, the less we find ourselves spending time in the company of good friends. Organic friendship becomes nearly impossible—after all, there are all sorts of obligations tugging at our attention. Or we find ourselves getting frustrated with shallow, draining conversations. Or, most painful of all, we feel like no one wants us—and who wants to be rejected? If you have found yourself desperately wanting connection but confused about why you are not experiencing it, you are not alone. And you don’t have to stay there. As Christian women, our faith calls us to support one another on the path of growing as a follower of Jesus—a call that will connect us, create a solid foundation for trust, and bind us together in Jesus’ love, no matter what struggles we face on the road of friendship. Together Is a Beautiful Place offers practical habits that are sustainable, deep, and valuable. You will identify what makes a godly, lasting friendship; tackle lies and false expectations about what it takes to build lasting friendship; and learn to tackle the barriers to friendship and invite healthy friendship rhythms. You will find that it is possible to grow healthy friendships, starting now.

High Fidelity

High Fidelity
Author : Nick Hornby
Publisher : Penguin
Total Pages : 352
Release : 1996-08-01
ISBN 10 : 1573225517
ISBN 13 : 9781573225519
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

High Fidelity Book Description:

Now a Hulu TV series starring Zoë Kravitz! "I've always loved Nick Hornby, and the way he writes characters and the way he thinks. It's funny and heartbreaking all at the same time."—Zoë Kravitz From the bestselling author of Funny Girl, About a Boy, A Long Way Down and Dickens and Prince, a wise and hilarious novel about love, heartbreak, and rock and roll. Rob is a pop music junkie who runs his own semi-failing record store. His girlfriend, Laura, has just left him for the guy upstairs, and Rob is both miserable and relieved. After all, could he have spent his life with someone who has a bad record collection? Rob seeks refuge in the company of the offbeat clerks at his store, who endlessly review their top five films; top five Elvis Costello songs; top five episodes of Cheers. Rob tries dating a singer, but maybe it’s just that he’s always wanted to sleep with someone who has a record contract. Then he sees Laura again. And Rob begins to think that life with kids, marriage, barbecues, and soft rock CDs might not be so bad.

Dance Nana Dance Baila Nana Baila

Dance  Nana  Dance   Baila  Nana  Baila
Author : Joe Hayes
Publisher : Cinco Puntos Press
Total Pages : 146
Release : 2020-12-15
ISBN 10 : 9781947627451
ISBN 13 : 1947627457
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Dance Nana Dance Baila Nana Baila Book Description:

A bilingual middle grade collection of playful folktales from Afro-Cuban tradition in side-by-side English and Spanish text, featuring ingenious human, animal and magical protagonists. Did you know that fire first came from an old sorceress? Cuban folklore teaches us about how she selfishly kept it for herself, until two clever twin boys who “could play their drums as if they had magic in their hands” tricked the hechicera into sharing it with the world. Whether or not you grew up hearing the story of Obbara the Orisha, who gained his special power by appreciating even the humblest gift, or of the three resourceful baby herons who used their song Tin ganga o, tin ganga o, yo mama ganga reré to find their parents— this folktales collection will charm you with its humor, magic, and wisdom. In this Aesop Prize-winning book, reformatted for middle grade readers, folklorist and storyteller Joe Hayes shares stories he learned after years visiting Cuba and listening to local storytellers. He first visited Holguín, Cuba, the sister city of his hometown, Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2001. He fell in love with the island and began to look for opportunities to meet and listen to Cuban storytellers, and to share the stories he knew from the American Southwest. He returned year after year, establishing a rich cultural exchange between U.S. and Cuban storytellers. Out of that collaboration came this fun collection of thirteen Cuban folktales. Joe gives context to the collection with an introduction and an all-important Note to Storytellers. In the Note, Joe goes over some of background of each of the tales included—what culture these stories originate from, some of the cultural meanings of elements in the stories, previous collections these stories have been included in, or other relevant storytelling and anthropological information. This collection is a wonderful resource for anyone trying to learn about the unique blend of Spanish, African and Caribbean influences on Cuban culture; for intermediate students of Spanish or English; storytellers looking to expand their repertoire; or anyone who enjoys a good folktale. Have fun reading and re-telling these stories yourself! “A captivating collection of thirteen folktales with influences from the Caribbean, Spain and Africa; Hayes has captured the essence and diversity of Cuba. Creation myths, legends and Pataki comprise this fascinating folktale anthology.”—REFORMA Joe Hayes’ bilingual Spanish-English tellings have earned him a celebrated place among America’s storytellers. He began sharing his stories in print in 1982. In 2005, Joe received the Talking Leaves Literary Award from the National Story telling Network, an award given to members of the story telling community who have made considerable and influential contributions to the literature of story telling. His books have received the Arizona Young Readers Award, two Land of Enchantment Children’s Book Awards, four IPPY Awards, a Southwest Book Award, a Skipping Stone Honor, an Aesop Prize, and an Aesop Accolade Award. They have been on the Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List twice, and his book Ghost Fever was the first bilingual book to win the Bluebonnet Award. Mauricio Trenard Sayago was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1963. He was raised by his family and society to believe in the power of art to educate and transform the individual and society. This environment strongly influenced him. His goal is to use his work to simplify, exaggerate or change how we see our current realitites so that we can make the world a better place. Mauricio came to the United States in 2000 and lives in Brooklyn, making his living as an artist and using painting not only to create new images, but also to explore himself in his new cultural context.

The Oxford Handbook of the History of Phenomenology

The Oxford Handbook of the History of Phenomenology
Author : Dan Zahavi
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Total Pages : 784
Release : 2018-06-04
ISBN 10 : 9780191071812
ISBN 13 : 0191071811
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Oxford Handbook of the History of Phenomenology Book Description:

This Oxford Handbook offers a broad critical survey of the development of phenomenology, one of the main streams of philosophy since the nineteenth century. It comprises thirty-seven specially written chapters by leading figures in the field, which highlight historical influences, connections and developments, and offer a better comprehension and assessment of the continuity as well as diversity of the phenomenological tradition. The handbook is divided into three distinct parts. The first part addresses the way phenomenology has been influenced by earlier periods or figures in the history of philosophy. The second part contains chapters targeting prominent phenomenologists: How was their work affected by earlier figures, how did their own views change over time, and what kind of influence did they exert on subsequent thinkers? The contributions in the third part trace various core topics such as subjectivity, intersubjectivity, embodiment, spatiality, imagination etc. in the work of different phenomenologists, in order to explore how the notions were transformed, enriched, and expanded up through the century. This volume will be a source of insight for philosophers, students of philosophy, and for people working in other disciplines of the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, who are interested in the phenomenological tradition. It is an authoritative guide to how phenomenology started, how it developed, and where it is heading.

The Eudemian Ethics of Aristotle

The Eudemian Ethics of Aristotle
Author : Peter L. P. Simpson
Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 432
Release : 2017-09-08
ISBN 10 : 9781351296700
ISBN 13 : 1351296701
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Eudemian Ethics of Aristotle Book Description:

Among the works on ethics in the Aristotelian corpus, there is no serious dispute among scholars that the Eudemian Ethics is authentic. The Eudemian Ethics is increasingly read and used by scholars as a useful support and confirmation and sometimes contrast to the Nicomachean Ethics. Yet, it remains a largely neglected work in the study of Aristotle's ethics, both among scholars and moral philosophers. Peter L. P. Simpson provides an analytical outline of the entire work together with summaries of each individual section, making the overall structure and detailed argument clear. His translation and explanatory notes include the common books that the Eudemian Ethics shares with the Nicomachean. This translation contains renderings of words and phrases, and proposals for emending the text that differ from what other translators and scholars have adopted. This translation is literal, without expansion or paraphrase, and yet also readable. A readable but literal translation is necessary because in the Eudemian Ethics, more than usual in Aristotle's writings, the logic of the argumentation can turn on the peculiar wording or order. Simpson explains the argumentation where necessary in notes and separate explanatory comments. This book is a fresh, twenty-first-century rendition of the work of one of the most eminent philosophers of all time.