Digitalization in the Luxury Fashion Industry

Digitalization in the Luxury Fashion Industry
Author : Anna Cabigiosu
Publisher : Springer Nature
Total Pages : 249
Release : 2020-07-13
ISBN 10 : 9783030488109
ISBN 13 : 3030488101
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Digitalization in the Luxury Fashion Industry Book Description:

The luxury fashion industry is one of the best performing and fastest growing industries in today’s business landscape, and is set to continue expanding over the next years. Exploring the effects of digitalization, this book aims to increase our understanding of the key drivers of internal growth and competitiveness in luxury fashion firms. With a focus on the development of new brand strategies brought about by digitalization, the author outlines the need for business models to be redesigned in order to make use of social media and satisfy Millennial consumers. Offering case studies on leading luxury fashion brands, this timely book evaluates new digital technologies and strategies including omnichannel marketing, 3D printing and smart textiles. A must-read for those researching digital marketing and branding, as well as luxury or fashion management, this book provides a much-needed and up-to-date analysis of a successful and digitally aware industry.

The Road to Luxury

The Road to Luxury
Author : Ashok Som
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 432
Release : 2015-03-30
ISBN 10 : 9780470830024
ISBN 13 : 0470830026
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Road to Luxury Book Description:

A thorough, comprehensive guide to the luxury goods industry for executives, entrepreneurs, and students interested to know about the luxury business As key new luxury markets like Asia, Latin America and Africa continue to expand, The Road to Luxury: The Evolution, Markets and Strategies of Luxury Brand Management gives professionals interested in the industry a holistic understanding of luxury market dynamics around the world using stories, experiences, relevant data and statistics on current market trends. For investors, the book offers valuable insight on where the industry is headed. For industry insiders and executives, it presents valuable data with which to craft successful business strategies. The definitive insider's guide to the luxury sector by leading figures in the field Includes rigorous academic data, including information on the business attractiveness and appropriateness of various country markets Examines strategies and success factors of key players, and insight into the systems and operations, retail, distribution and e-commerce, emerging markets and emerging brands, as well as management styles For professionals in the luxury industry, as well as those studying it or investing in it, The Road to Luxury presents a complete and information-packed resource covering virtually every aspect of this growing sector.

Ten Words

Ten Words
Author : Jeremy Waite
Publisher :
Total Pages :
Release :
ISBN 10 : 9780244324360
ISBN 13 : 0244324360
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Ten Words Book Description:

Shop Design

Shop Design
Author : Heinfried Tacke
Publisher : teNeues
Total Pages : 399
Release : 2006
ISBN 10 : 3832791043
ISBN 13 : 9783832791049
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Shop Design Book Description:

"In the shopping world, the shops are now the star attractions, featuring as the object of desire. They signal their own unique fascination--spatially, as complete works of art, and with the signature of internationally renowned designers and architects. Including 400 pages and over 400 color illustrations, this guide offers an inspirational impression of shops featured from an international selection."--Back cover.

Author : 品味品牌眾編
Publisher : 品味品牌
Total Pages :
Release :
ISBN 10 :
ISBN 13 :
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Book Description:

Lynchings in Kansas 1850s 1932

Lynchings in Kansas  1850s   1932
Author : Harriet C. Frazier
Publisher : McFarland
Total Pages : 228
Release : 2015-01-28
ISBN 10 : 9781476617794
ISBN 13 : 1476617791
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Lynchings in Kansas 1850s 1932 Book Description:

In 1933, Genevieve Yost, Kansas State Historical Society cataloger, published a “History of Lynching in Kansas.” The present book is a development of that work, researched with the benefit of modern technology. The author locates 58 lynchings Yost missed and removes 19 from her list that for various reasons are not lynchings in Kansas. Yost apparently catalogued her 123 entries, some containing up to six names, based on her newspaper sources’ headlines, not the actual stories on the lynchings. Her catalog places some events in counties that did not exist at the time of the lynching. In this book, errors in her data are corrected: misspelled names, incorrect places and dates, and the number of victims per incident. In agreement with Yost, the author finds that most of the victims were white men who were horse thieves, their deaths taking place in the eastern tier of counties bordering Missouri, an area then and now where most Kansans lived. The last lynching in Kansas took place in 1932 in the extreme northwest of the state, and an interview of an eyewitness is included.

Clothing and Fashion American Fashion from Head to Toe 4 volumes

Clothing and Fashion  American Fashion from Head to Toe  4 volumes
Author : José Blanco F.
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Total Pages : 1786
Release : 2015-11-23
ISBN 10 : 9781610693103
ISBN 13 : 1610693108
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Clothing and Fashion American Fashion from Head to Toe 4 volumes Book Description:

This unique four-volume encyclopedia examines the historical significance of fashion trends, revealing the social and cultural connections of clothing from the precolonial times to the present day. • Covers the fashions of all economic levels of Americans from the indigent to the very wealthy, from T-shirts to architecturally sculptured gowns and suits • Includes hundreds of illustrations, sidebars, and primary documents to illuminate important areas of interest and encourage active learning • Addresses topics such as the formal wear of the Belle Epoque era, hairstyles of the Empire Revival, haute couture, and the evolution of clothes for teenagers • Presents four full-color photographic essays of clothing styles throughout American history

Luxury Talent Management

Luxury Talent Management
Author : G. Auguste
Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 276
Release : 2013-03-28
ISBN 10 : 9781137270672
ISBN 13 : 1137270675
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Luxury Talent Management Book Description:

The first book focusing specifically on talent management, retention and leadership in the luxury industry. It explores how to lead and manage the people this industry attracts, and the major HR challenges the industry is about to face as the previous generation of luxury pioneers retire and Asia becomes a major player in the luxury world.

Gene Autry

Gene Autry
Author : Don Cusic
Publisher : McFarland
Total Pages : 225
Release : 2007-01-01
ISBN 10 : 9780786430611
ISBN 13 : 0786430613
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Gene Autry Book Description:

"This biography takes the reader from Gene Autry's childhood in Oklahoma through his career as a singer and actor, and covers his later triumphs in business and sports. Of particular interest is the book's detailed day-to-day treatment of Autry's performing career, with information on each recording session and film shoot, including key personnel and interesting anecdotes"--Provided by publisher.

Hijacking the Runway

Hijacking the Runway
Author : Teri Agins
Publisher : Penguin
Total Pages : 304
Release : 2014-10-09
ISBN 10 : 9780698162150
ISBN 13 : 0698162153
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Hijacking the Runway Book Description:

A fascinating chronicle of how celebrity has inundated the world of fashion, realigning the forces that drive both the styles we covet and the bottom lines of the biggest names in luxury apparel. From Coco Chanel’s iconic tweed suits to the miniskirt’s surprising comeback in the late 1980s, fashion houses reigned for decades as the arbiters of style and dictators of trends. Hollywood stars have always furthered fashion’s cause of seducing the masses into buying designers’ clothes, acting as living billboards. Now, forced by the explosion of social media and the accelerating worship of fame, red carpet celebrities are no longer content to just advertise and are putting their names on labels that reflect the image they—or their stylists—created. Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sean Combs, and a host of pop, sports, and reality-show stars of the moment are leveraging the power of their celebrity to become the face of their own fashion brands, embracing lucrative contracts that keep their images on our screens and their hands on the wheel of a multi-billion dollar industry. And a few celebrities—like the Olsen Twins and Victoria Beckham—have gone all the way and reinvented themselves as bonafide designers. Not all celebrities succeed, but in an ever more crowded and clamorous marketplace, it’s increasingly unlikely that any fashion brand will succeed without celebrity involvement—even if designers, like Michael Kors, have to become celebrities themselves. Agins charts this strange new terrain with wit and insight and an insider’s access to the fascinating struggles of the bold-type names and their jealousies, insecurities, and triumphs. Everyone from industry insiders to fans of Project Runway and America's Next Top Model will want to read Agins’s take on the glitter and stardust transforming the fashion industry, and where it is likely to take us next.